2007. Madrid, Spain. Portrait of Anna Naroznaya, top model. (Photo by Gianni Ferrari/Cover/Getty Images)
2007. Madrid, Spain. Portrait of Anna Naroznaya, top model. (Photo by Gianni Ferrari/Cover/Getty Images)

My wife has a tough time finding clothes. She’s 5’1” and a little over a hundred pounds soaking wet. The petite sizes she needs are usually located in the smallest section of any major clothing store. The selection is just as small.

Jeans are her nemesis. Hips, length and waist are usually way out of proportion. If the hips fit you could probably put a small watermelon inside the waist. If the hips and waist fit then the inseam is off the charts too long. I guess when it comes to women’s fashion — Size does matter. As long as you are a size zero.

Clothing Chains

Like most men, clothes shopping for me takes about 10 minutes max. I look at shirts find the color and pull it off the rack. Find pants in my size and I’m outta there.

For the fairer sex, clothes shopping can be an all day, or all week, job.

I walk into Macy’s, Penny’s, The Gap, etc. with my wife and there is a football field sized area for her clothes and a space that wouldn’t hold a small poker game for mine.

Selling Image

It’s been said that women dress for other women. It’s a fashion disaster if two women show up at the same gala event wearing the same outfit, while most of the men are all in dark suits. Where exactly is the logic in that?

Will any of these women, who are so quick to judge your fashion choices, even remember what you were wearing by tomorrow? Won’t they remain ensconced in their own self-absorbed world of perfection?

Selling Sex

I think I would be a nervous wreck if I were raising a teenage girl in today’s society. Half-clad singers and dancers in music videos, sexting on cell phones, and clothing that shows the maximum amount of skin allowed by law.

My first inclination would be to chain her in her room until she’s 30. But I guess some attorney somewhere might have a problem with that. My heart goes out to the parents of today that are doing their level best to get their daughters past the Miley Cyrus syndrome.

Some Final Thoughts

It’s too bad that we have evolved into a society where others assume the power to set the standards of image for the rest of us. How did we allow this to happen? Who has made the decision for us that we don’t like what we see in the mirror?

Who sets impossible standards for body mass index, boob size or weight? Who put them in charge? The unfortunate answer is — we did.

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