He has criticized four Montana priests who attended President Donald Trump's rally in Great Falls last week, saying they should not have been wearing their clerical garb.

That's what Great Falls-Billings diocese Bishop Michael Warfel is reported to have said after Lee Newspapers of Montana claims the four priests could be seen in the audience Thursday applauding as the president joked about the #MeToo movement against sexual assault.

But people at the rally called into Dominick In The Morning today to say that was a lie and fake news. President Trump wasn't making fun of the #MeToo movement, only someone who was trying to discredit the president would think that is what he was saying.

Bishop Michael Warfel says the priests are free to support political candidates but they should not have been seated in such a prominent location or wearing their collars. That reaction surprised some Catholics who know the church doesn't support abortion wondering if the Montana Bishop was just giving in to pressure from anti-Trump pro abortion activists.


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