Growing up my mother would call me Magpie. I will admit, up until her visit to Montana I thought it was "Meg-Pie," because my name is Megan. IDK. The conversation started as we saw Magpies all over town. Now that I have educated myself about the Magpie bird, I totally understand the nickname.

First and foremost, THIS is a Magpie. You have almost definitely seen them here if you have ever been outside. Maybe you haven't been outside, and in that case, you have definitely heard them. Despite their pesky presence, they're quite interesting animals.

Photo by Natasha Miller on Unsplash
Photo by Natasha Miller on Unsplash

Secondly, and this is why my mother gave me the nick name, Magpies are EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT CREATURES. Thanks mother! Alright, that is more my opinion than hers I am guessing.

Unlike most birds, Magpies have a variety of songs; they don't just squawk one sound and call it a day. In fact, they have the ability to whistle, trill, warble AND chatter. It's actually quite amusing. They are also known to mimic a dog's bark.

Third, these incredible little singers are also known for their bold personality. Again, could be the reason my mother gave me the nickname Magpie growing up.

Magpies are not always the nicest, and they attack from behind, as seen in this video. Not going to lie, I laughed pretty hard at this poor kiddo, but only because the outcome was positive.

So the next time you see Magpies hanging around, which is dang near everywhere, whistle a tune or make an obnoxious noise—maybe you will be lucky enough to hear them whistle back.

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