The Imagine Dragons played Bozeman last week. It was a great concert. Everyone loved it, I thought, until I saw this letter to the editor in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.
"Those who know me know I like a good party. Last Thursday I partied with 20,000 other fans at Bobcat Stadium to an awesome concert by Imagine Dragons.
However, I cannot help but cringe when (tens or hundreds of) thousands of confetti rained down from the Imagine Dragons stage? With all this talk about keeping our city clean and picking up garbage, are we so cavalier to allow visitors shoot confetti all over Bozeman? Was the confetti bio-degradable? I have a feeling I’ll be remembering this concert for several days and weeks to come, but for all the wrong reasons.


I read the letter on Dominick In The Morning --


STOP! Out of towners polluting Bozeman? Is this letter a joke? What is wrong with people. Willie, come on, it was a concert. I hope no one from another city reads this letter to the editor. What will they think of us? I hope no one from Imagine Dragons reads it. I am embarrassed. Please, I beg you Bozeman Daily Chronicle, take this letter out of your paper, before anyone else reads it, we look so UNCOOL!!

Just my opinion, but you know I am right.


Imagine Dragons
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