I understand using your money wisely, but this seems like a crucial piece of your vehicle you should always have.

When it comes to people's vehicles, they can be pretty creative when it comes to fixing problems. If you have a broken window, you might see a garbage bag over it, and if they are missing a door or bumper, they might find the part and put it on themselves even though it's a different color.

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That's a pretty normal thing to see when driving around Bozeman. When I was driving back from Seattle and stopped in Spokane to get gas, I saw something that blew my mind. I was driving down the road and happened to check my rearview mirror, and to my surprise, a man was driving a 2000s Buick LeSabre with no front windshield.

Not a cracked windshield, but the whole front windshield was gone. I instantly asked my friends whether or not that was illegal, and they didn't know. Also, what an absolute nightmare it must be to drive that vehicle on the freeway. You would have to either wear a helmet or some face covering, so you aren't being pelted by bugs.

Photo by Why Kei via Unsplash
Photo by Why Kei via Unsplash

I understand not having money to pay for some fixes, but a front windshield seems like a good reason to spend some money. That car must be useless when it rains or snows.

Have you ever seen anything like that driving around town? I would be surprised to see if a car that like exists not only in Bozeman but in Montana. I would be bewildered.

You might as well cut off the top of the car and make that Buick into a convertible.

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