I keep hearing this lame argument from all sides. Have any of you actually tried to dig a tunnel? Let’s dig a little deeper — shall we?

The Starting Point

Obviously, you can’t dig right next to the wall due to border guards, so you have to start a safe distance from the wall.

What would be a safe distance? A quarter mile? An eight of a mile? A cartel or coyote group would most likely buy the closest house you can find to the wall to disguise the tunnel opening.

I would hope the feds check homes and buildings close to the border on the American side too.

Once we have a starting point then how far down under the surface should we go?

What about the stability of the earth to avoid those pesky cave-ins? Flood plains or near water would probably be out.

A lot of thought has to go into this plus a lot of engineering and geology. Something drug smugglers are not normally known for.

I guess you can farm those jobs out.

The Tunnel

A tunnel as long as this will need a lot of things. Not that drug cartels or human traffickers operate under a restrictive budget.

Air for one. A ventilation system would need to be installed. The ceiling would have to be braced to stop cave ins.

Lights and power take energy and the feds are always looking for high electricity users. Even if the home is on the other side it could be a clue to take a closer look.

A rail system would need to be laid unless you want to walk an endless caravan of backpackers back and forth.

The Digging

You might be able to get a Bobcat down there, but every load would have to be backed out and dumped somewhere.

Hundreds of digging drug users might end up surfacing in Guatemala. So, some engineering might be needed.

Even a mile-long tunnel would be a major undertaking and would probably take months to complete.

Some Final Thoughts

When I hear this tunneling story like it can be done overnight, I have to laugh. I’d much rather have them digging or trying to find another way across.

When their tunnel is discovered and shut down the long arduous project has to start all over again.

It's not as if they can salvage what’s left.

Sooner or later, due to a wall and increasing technology, there’s going to have to be a more cost-effective way found to traffic drugs and people across our border.

I say make 'em dig.

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