It’s been said that we in Montana have that pioneer spirit. Other than the deepest parts of the oceans and outer space we’ve been just about everywhere on earth.

If the opportunity to travel to another planet and start a new civilization was possible — would you sign up?

Keep in mind that you’d need to stay there your whole life even though that would mean that you would probably not live long enough to see a measurable difference. Would you still go?


It would probably pay well assuming that there was some kind of banking system where you’re headed. I doubt they’d just drop you off and wish you God Speed.

There would be less competition for a soul mate. But depending on the planetary conditions you might be allowed to have a pet if your love life falters.

Hibernation might be cool. You’d be in space 100 years and be the same age when you woke up and landed. Assuming Einstein was right about that relativity thingy.

Dome housing might be cool. Although you’d have to decorate the place without corners.

Bad Stuff

If you decide it’s not for you — tough — you’re there so you’d have to make the best of it. In a short time all the good attractive soul mates might be taken.

What if the easiest product to grow on this planet was broccoli? And that became most of your diet.

Would you try to invent peanut butter?

Would you have to bring your own clothes? You could charge a ton because how are they going to collect? Most people on earth would be dead by the time your online bill arrived. You have nine light years to pay this or we take action against you.

Send them an online payment from your earth account.

Some Final Thoughts

As you can see there’s a lot to think about. Should movie stars be included? Wouldn’t we be lost without The Voice or Dancing With the Stars?

Would there be talk radio, or 24/7 of the best in polka music? What about a lottery?

Would there be a Bill of Rights designed just for this planet? Firing a weapon might result in the bullet circling the planet and killing you. Different gravity you know.

What if life was already there? Would the Klingon’s get us?

Imperfect as things are here on earth I think I might bow out of this competition. As amazing as the trip might be I can’t give up The Voice.

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