When I took over the AM 1450 morning show, I changed a few things: new name, Dominick in the Morning, music, humor, and I sing sometimes. It's an odd morning news radio show.

I also stopped having on some guests who had been on every week. These were important Bozeman people. But sometimes it seemed like they had nothing to say.

I sent an email thanking them for all the years they did the AM 1450 morning show. I also told them any time they wanted to come on the show and had some new information or news, they were welcome. They all understood, and I did get some emails, and I had them on.

The people who hated my show emailed me, demanding that I put Commissioner Jeff Krauss on again. They posted "Dominick in the Morning stinks" and said unless I had Commissioner Jeff Krauss on every week, no one would listen.

I tried to explain that Commissioner Krauss was welcome on the show any time he wanted, but it didn't seem logical to have him on unless there was something we wanted to talk about.

Post after post, email after email: We hate you. I am warning you, if Commissioner Jeff Krauss isn't on every week, I will never tune into AM 1450.

Commissioner Jeff Krauss, Commissioner Jeff Krauss, Commissioner Jeff Krauss.

I started to hate this guy, and I didn't even know him.

Last week I saw an interesting story in the paper about development plans for Bozeman. Krauss was mentioned in the story. That would be an interesting story to talk about. I should have him on. I contacted him and asked him to be on the show.

He was very nice and said he would be on this morning. Great.

But I knew I would hate him. I mean, people where ruining my life, demanding I have him on the show. How could I like him? I would do the interview. It would be a very professional interview. I would show the "haters" that I could do a good interview. I could have him on the show and prove it was better to only have people on when there was an issue to chat about.

When he walked into the studio this morning I remembered I had met him once when he was on Open For Business in the morning. We started talking and it went very well. We both enjoyed talking Bozeman. When I got silly and joked around, he got it. It's talk radio - we can give information and have fun.

I looked at the clock, the hour was over. It went by so fast. He was a good interview. Oh my goodness, I liked the guy. The guy, who people where demanding I have on the show each week or they would destroy me. That guy was nice.

Did Commissioner Jeff Krauss know his fans were keeping me up at night? I knew I would hate him. Wait, he is not responsible for the haters. He is laughing at my jokes. He understands what the new show is all about.

When he left the studio, I was sad to see him go. I liked him. I like him. He is good on the show.

I was wrong, Commissioner Jeff Krauss is not a bad guy. I was being prejudiced. He is cool. His fans, not so much.



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