Someone once said, “Why rush through life, you never get out alive.” Sometimes just getting though the day takes everything you’ve got.

One of the ways I’ve found that helps in many circumstances is to use the Q-Tip Method. I think you’ll find it’s good for your emotional well-being and help you look at life with a new perspective.

The Q-Tip Method

While Q-Tips are a helpful physical tool the acronym of Q-Tip can also help you maintain a stable mental personality.

It stands for “Quit Taking It Personally.” Easier said than done — right?

Even when people talk in generalities we often question, “Is he talking about me when he says that?”

One of my good Facebook liberal friends always likes to point out that, “It’s not all about you.

For many of us it is all about us. And we’re not only involved in our own lives but often inject ourselves into the lives of others to the point of taking it personally if we’re not welcomed into their friend zone with open arms.

But It’s Personal

It’s hard not to take things personally when they are personally directed at you specifically.

When I was fired from a job I remember the comment “It’s business — not personal.” It sure seemed personal, but I realized when the dust settled that he was correct.

I worked with a company where the CEO had the rule of always giving, “Two warm fuzzes for every cold prickly.

He didn’t want his cold prickly comment to the person being reprimanded to be the only frame of reference the employee had.

The employee needed the two warm fuzzes to balance things out because we also take good comments personally too.

Some Final Thoughts

Here’s another good rule to keep in mind. In order for someone to insult you, you must value their opinion. You give them that power over you.

So, when bad comments come, and they will come, use the Q-Tip Method and quit taking it personally.

Take back your power and have a good day. Comments below

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