Protesters Call On Rep. Daniel Lipinski To Hold Town Hall Meeting
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Last night President Trump addressed a joint session of Congress. Both Republicans and Democrats behaved badly.

They clearly defined themselves as Hillary Clinton’s deplorables. Both parties are totally without any redeeming social value.

It’s really hard to tell the difference between Congress and small children on a playground fighting over a toy. It’s even worse when that toy is a human being used to reinforce a political position on a national stage.

The Democrats

Immigration is a hot political topic so who better to invite to the President's talk than some immigrants.

Legal or illegal – Who knows?

At least two Democrats have invited Muslims who were the victims of hate crimes or held at airports during the confusion on the Trump executive order that prevented immigrants from seven countries deemed terrorist states from entering the US. The 9th Circuit Court reversed that executive order.

A parade of so-called victims so Democrats can pat themselves on the back for their all encompassing understanding. We are so compassionate, so diverse, and so all inclusive.

Talk about a crass use of human beings as pawns for their own selfish agenda.

The Republicans

The Republicans don’t get a pass either. Their guests are the families of victims of crimes that illegal aliens committed against their loved ones. Pawns again. Trotted out on display to justify an agenda under the guise of being honored for their losses.

Capitalizing on a family’s tragedy only to kick them back to the curb tomorrow is unconscionable.

Women’s Rights

Some Congressional Democratic Women will wear white tonight. A demonstration of their opposition to their perceived Trump rollback of women’s progress.

Another — we’re the victims — and we aim to make sure you know that.

Some Final Thoughts

If this is where we’re headed, with these kinds of speeches, I would just as soon everyone stay home and let the victims get on with their lives

Neither side is unwilling to compromise or work together for the common good. There’s no winner in this ongoing competition of ideologies.

Unfortunately the biggest losers are the American people. While these two sides jockey for position — nothing gets done. But I seriously doubt if any of them care.

It’s time for the American people to take charge. Deplorable people should be called out for their ignorant resistance to working for their constituents.

Showboating a bunch of so-called victims doesn’t show me much. Getting to work on jobs, taxes, and healthcare will get my attention much faster.

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