I don't have a lot of dandelions since I treated the main lawn with corn gluten meal earlier in the season but there are ALWAYS a few patches around the house. Using chemicals in the garden is really starting to bug me so I went a different route.

Sure, digging up a few dandelions here and there is effective and not a big deal. However, I read yesterday that simply dumping a kettle of boiling water on them would kill them too. With a few extra minutes on my hands, on went the stove.

The test patch of dandelions BEFORE the boiling water

Outside I found a bushy patch of test targets which would soon meet their scalding death.

Needless to say, I THINK the boiling water method worked. The "after" picture was taken about an hour after dumping the boiling water on the patch of dandelions. Should they magically spring back to life I will update this post. I'd hate to promote a waste of time!

Dandelion patch AFTER boiling water. We'll see if this lasts...