From my title it might appear that I have some secret info from our government’s intelligence agencies that only I am privy.

That’s not the case. For this exercise I’m just going to abandon my German heritage and try to think like a Russian.

If I Were Going To Influence An American Election How Would I Do It?

The first order of business would be to decide which candidate I wanted to win or which one I wanted to lose. There is, after all, ,a big difference between those two.

It’s usually easier to back a winner than to prop up a loser.

While most people would agree that these two were the two least popular candidates in US political history — one had to come out victorious.

What Do The Polls Have To Say?

Almost every poll, Las Vegas odds, had Hillary winning this election hands down. And why would that bother the me as a loyal Russian. Hillary would just be Obama light and things would still be under my control.

I mean she did pull off the reset button agreement with Putin.

So, as a Russian, I have to decide which candidate would benefit a corrupt foreign government like mine the most — Hillary or Donald?

If I Wanted Hillary To Win

I would release every bad piece of info I could find on Trump. Has he ever groped women for instance? Or, what if he wouldn’t release his tax returns?

Could we plant some outrageous tweets? How many times has he been married? What about failed businesses in Atlantic City?

Hummm...he already did all those things and still won. Perhaps we need a Plan B.

If I Wanted Trump To Win

The best course of action here would be to just stay out of the way. But you could do some work in Wisconsin (where Ryan and Walker refused to campaign with Trump), Pennsylvania, and Michigan, because Democrats always assume they’ll win those states.

I’d make Bernie a hero of the college crowd and Millennials. Oh wait, they don’t vote. Scratch that one.

But what kind of PAC (Political Action Committee) could you put together to defeat Hillary? I don’t think Comrades for Trump would pass muster.

Some Final Thoughts

Darn, I really thought I had something here. Thinking like a Russian is a lot harder than I thought. The American voter is just too hard to read.

To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure how I’d influence an election 5,000 miles away with the two worst candidates in history.

Maybe the best Russian plan is to do nothing and let America self-destruct on its own. It sure seems like the fuse is lit.

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