At one time gas was approaching four dollars a gallon in Bozeman. People were thinking more about how much they drive and adjusting their habits accordingly.

But how high would gas have to be before you hung up the keys and thought about one of those toy electric cars?

In Canada the current price converted to American dollars would be $4.88/gal. To fill up a 25 gallon tank on your gas guzzling SUV would cost about $122.00.

Are you feeling a little more like a patriotic American yet?

I’m not sure I could give up my gas guzzling SUV. We have a very special relationship.

How Much Would You Pay To Hunt?

What do you need to hunt? Rifle or shotgun depending on the game you’re after plus chamo-clothing, ammo, vehicle and/or boat, etc. The list goes on.

Taking all that into account a friend once told me that he figured he’d got the price of hunting venison down to $1,100 per pound.

Sure makes Omaha Steaks sound like a bargain.

Pick Your Sport

Is there a price to participate in your sport that would prohibit you from that sport? If it costs $25 a game to play pool in a bar would you do that? Twenty-five bucks to rent bowling shoes — would you still hit the lanes?

How high would ski passes have to be before you decided it’s just not worth it?

How high would the price have to soar until you decided that playing your game was just too pricey?

Some Final Thoughts

Being retired I find I’m spending much less money on almost everything than I did before retirement. I drive less, eat out less, take advantage of senior discounts, and do very few things where any kind of fee is required.

Am I missing a full, rewarding life? No, I think I already paid for that. Now I’m collecting interest by not paying some fee for my entertainment.

What about you? Do you have a price point you won’t go beyond? Comments below.

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