NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 22: Members of the nurses union, National Nurses United, and other workers converge on Wall Street to protest against financial intuitions and inequality on June 22, 2011 in New York City. An increasing number of American labor groups and organizations representing the interests of the poor and working class have been protesting in New York and Washington, DC to express their anger at Wall St. profits and budget cuts currently being proposed in Congress. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

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Who’s to blame for the life you lead? We seem to have more victims in today’s world than I can count. There’s a “War on Women” and they are helpless to overcome any prejudice or stereotype. There’s “Income Inequality” and there’s not a damn thing you can do about.

There are supposedly “protected classes” but don’t worry you’re not one of them. Corporations make millions on the backs of the little guy.

I’m Not Buying It

Dave Thomas, high school dropout, started the Wendy’s fast food franchise. Abraham Lincoln taught himself trigonometry. The only president awarded a patent.

The history books are full of such stories about people who came from nothing and made something.

George Washington Carver, Mother Theresa, Golda Meier, Madalyn Murray O'Hair, all rose to prominence in this world. My list includes a black, a religious saint, a Jewish leader and an atheist. None of them chose to be a victim. Some became wealthy and some did not. But none of them squandered the opportunities presented to them by buying into the message of the “you can’t do it” crowd.

America Is Becoming a Nation of Enablers

Unless you are a white privileged rich male in America you might just as well curl up in a corner because your life will be crap. That’s the current message of America in my opinion. The American dream is just a dream. The American nightmare is the new reality that’s being sold.

Whatever class you choose to put yourself in, there is a group of enablers waiting to hold your hand and tell you that’s it not your fault. The system is just rigged against you and your life is done. Get used to it.

Yes, I said the group that you choose to put yourself in. Because that’s the easiest way to take the responsibility off your shoulders and have others share your burden. Unfortunately too many people buy into this fallacy of life.

Surely Government Is The Answer

So exciting to know that government is ready and waiting to level the playing field and lift you to new heights of success. Does any right thinking person believe that? That a monetary handout for life is the answer?

What about the “teach a man to fish” theory? Is that just old hat thinking from days gone by where that was once possible, but no more?

Have 126 government agencies done anything to move the poverty needle, even a little, over the last 50 years? The number currently receiving food stamps might be a clue.

Some Final Thoughts

Everywhere we turn the “it’s not your fault” message is prevalent. In media, TV shows, movies, commercials, and newspapers each confirming that the American dream is dead as far as you’re concerned.

Feeling bad, take a pill. Of course you deserve a big screen TV — only 60 easy payments. You want a house but have no down payment, and no job; — no problem. We’re happy to help. Here’s a shovel start digging.

Or, you can take your lemons and make lemonade. Life is a series of choices. Where you find yourself, is where you put yourself. The only way out is to stop being a victim and start working toward the life you really want — one day at time.

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