(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

In my early 20’s I played guitar in a country rock band. To say we were average would be a stretch but we did work pretty steady.

We did make a little money but it was mostly a quasi-hobby. So to give myself the best possible opportunity to sound my best I sunk big bucks in guitars (yes two) and a waist high amplifier.

All in all about $3,000 or so in 1970’s dollars.

Plus we all chipped in for the necessary sound system. About another $2,000 or so.

I would say that’s a fairly expensive little investment to pretend to be a Willie Nelson on the weekends.

Is The End Result Worth The Investment?

Fishing tackle, bait, rods, reels, boat, trailer, and truck are all you really need to be a committed fisherman.


It’s the same with hunting. How much should you spend on a good rifle or shotgun? How much do you have? A hunting friend of mine is such a good shot he claims that he’s got the price of the venison he brings home from a hunt down to $1,100 a pound. If he averages out the expenses correctly.

There is also ammo, clothing, truck, tags, the list goes on and on.


What about golfers? Not sure I’m ready to adhere to the dress code that I’ve seen at some country clubs just yet.

But how much does a good quality set of golf clubs cost these days?

I looked some up. A good driver will run you $200 or more.

A quality set of irons can go for $500 or more. Not to mention country club dues, green fees, and funny hats, etc. You do get to run around in those cool little go carts.

Do I need to even mention skiing?

Skis, clothing, lift tickets, poles? Name your price on any of those and a credit card balance is at zero pretty quick. Don’t forget skateboarding.

Broken bones, face plants in trees, no extra charge.

Some Final Thoughts

The point is, if you have a passion for it you’ll find the money. What many people see as a total waste of time and money is someone else’s thirst for life.

So learn an instrument, miss a few deer with your first few shots, learn where the fish are, and try to break 100 on the links.

Every time you do it you get a little better. You’re happier and you smile a little more.

How expensive is that?

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