Affordable housing is like the guest that just won’t leave. No question that it’s a serious problem in Montana and certainly in Bozeman with continuously increasing home prices.

Democrat Rep. Zack Brown of House District 63 has introduced House Bill No. 494 to redefine travel trailers as “tiny houses” for housing to be regulated, but allowed by local governments.

Language from the bill, It is the intent of the legislature: (1) to empower local governments to allow and regulate tiny homes and tiny homes on wheels for residential use; (2) that a tiny home on wheels be treated as a travel trailer while in transit; and (3) that a tiny home on wheels be taxed as a mobile home when used as a residence.”

Bozeman Affordable Housing Directive

Congratulations to the Bozeman City Commission on the success of their Affordable Housing Directive that produced 8 affordable homes for the 3,000+ residents who have moved into Bozeman in the past 19 months.

Perhaps the tiny house trailer idea is the way to go since their seem to more of them than builders wanting to give up their profits building on an unlevel playing field.

I wonder where the affordable cars, affordable food, affordable clothing, are that might make a house payment a little easier to make.

Why not attack all spending to make this work?

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