Remember when liberal Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) falsely attacked an Iraq war veteran and Navy Admiral by the name of Ronny Jackson? The former White House doctor and Navy Admiral is now a candidate for Congress.

The New York Post reports:

Jackson handed in his paperwork at the state’s Republican headquarters to run in the party’s primary for the 13th Congressional District, a spokesman for the state’s GOP confirmed to The Post.

My top blog post from 2018 was my story about the US Secret Service discrediting Tester's allegations. Tester jumped on national TV and attacked Admiral Jackson as "the candyman" amongst other claims. Then, President Trump fired back on Tester on Fox & Friends, and Tester went in to hiding- refusing to do media interviews for several days,

I spoke about this story, and about the shameful headline from The Washington Post. Here's my audio from very early Tuesday morning:



For nearly a week, Senator Jon Tester hid from the press, refusing to comment even to outlets like The New York Times. This, after President Donald Trump called on Tester to resign following his treatment of Iraq war veteran and Navy Admiral Ronny Jackson.

National Public Radio even featured a report noting that Tester is "usually pretty accessible to the local press but has kept a low profile this week. Tester's aides say he's doing spring planting at his farm and isn't available for interviews."

the first puff piece is now out from the #PhotoOppFarm, and there's a couple pieces of this story that are pretty remarkable.

For one, Tester is refusing to apologize to Admiral Ronny Jackson and his family for the way Tester trashed him with false allegations on national TV, even though Tester was reportedly aware that the FBI had vetted and cleared Admiral Jackson. When asked if he has any regrets, Tester went straight to politics and the campaign. He says he has no regrets when it comes to potential impacts on his re-election battle. But what about Admiral Jackson? No regrets for falsely trashing a man who has served this country in the US Navy for 23 years, along with both Democrat and Republican presidents?

Second, Tester said he would have "welcomed a rebuttal from Jackson."

"He could have answered the allegations; maybe we could have knocked them down and moved him closer to confirmation," Tester said. "But he chose to withdraw.

Welcomed a rebuttal? Look at the above photo. He met with you in your office. Why didn't you call him back to your office to rebut these allegations before jumping on national TV calling him the "candyman" among other false attacks? Which boils down to the main question: if Senator Tester truly cared about veterans, why would he treat Admiral Jackson like this?

This also shows us why national attention to this US Senate race in Montana matters. Most in the Montana media will continue covering for Tester, and will fail to point out all of the votes Tester has taken against Montana's interests-his vote in support of sanctuary cities, his vote against tax cuts, his vote in support of the Iranian nuclear agreement, and his vote to shutdown the government- choosing illegal immigrants over our troops. The list keeps piling on. But when President Trump comes back to town, so will the spotlight on all of Tester's bad moves in Washington.

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