See the guy in the yellow plaid shirt? Yep- the guy rising to his feet, raising his arms as high as he can possibly raise them out of respect for a Navy SEAL from Billings, Montana who lost both of his legs in service to his country. For those of us in the arena at the Trump Rally on Thursday, this is the real "plaid shirt guy."

The Navy SEAL is Bo Reichenbach. He led the crowd in the pledge of allegiance for the president's visit. I was there as Vice President Mike Pence "coined" Reichenbach during his just a few weeks ago.

I don't know who this "plaid shirt guy" is, but if you see him- buy him a beer and thank him for supporting the troops!

Courtesy Mark Donohue, King West Media Group
Courtesy screenshot from King West Media Group video of Trump Rally in Billings, Montana.