One of the best parts of my job is reading the comments from those of you that read the articles that I write. I love the fact that you folks are passionate enough to share your views and opinions. Even if you don't agree with me, I respect the right you have to say what you want to say.

Having said that, some of the comments are insightful, some are helpful, some are comical, and some are just downright nasty. The mean ones make me chuckle the most.

It doesn't matter what I write about, the weather, a social issue, some delicious food, an event that is taking matter the subject, someone is going to comment and tell me to go back to where I came from.  Don't believe me? I have examples.

We wrote a story talking about Dierks Bentley coming to Montana for two shows in February. This is what a couple of people had to say about a country artist coming to Montana to perform.

  • "I thought you said country stars, not bubble gum pop goes the country! Stay out if you are thinking of moving here!"
  • "We don’t want celebrities here. Stay away. We don’t want you here."

Another example, I wrote an article talking about the pasty and where to find the best one. I've never tried a pasty and they look amazing, so I wanted to hear some suggestions.  Here is what one fellow had to say.

  • "If you have to ask, move back to where you came from."

I wanted to know what the people of Bozeman would like to see come to town, be it a business or an activity.  There were lots of responses and we built a Top 5 list. Some folks misunderstood the question judging from the comments below..

  • "People leaving and Bozeman returning to what it was before all the millionaires came here"
  • "I want everyone that's moved here to go back to where they came from and never come back"

Everyone knows that it's hard for area businesses to find employees right now.  I wrote an article on the long lines in many businesses and how we shouldn't take it out on folks that are doing their job, even if it's inconvenient. Apparently, not everyone feels that way.

  • "!@#$ Bozeman, nobody gives 2 !@#$ about Bozeman or their California transplants (insert middle finger emoji here)"

Of course, there are a whole lot of comments that I can't repeat.

Windshield view of an angry driver man. Negative human emotions face expression

A couple things.  One, as I mentioned, I respect your right to share your views and opinions.  It's what makes American the greatest country on the Earth.  Two, I just can't imagine being as angry as some folks are.  I mean, life is too short to be that pissed off.

We live in one of the most beautiful places around, don't let others spoil that for you.  Each day here is a gift and I hope we can all look at it like that.  Of course, by all means, if you can't, keep it up with the mean comments, they really do make me laugh.

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