On Air Show from December 22, 2012

“Gesundheit! With Jacobus” is here to kick-off the Return of Light and longer days.
Amongst other topics during this Open-Line edition.

* New ways to reverse aging;
* Orthomolecular Medicine in Cancer Research;
* What about all these Weight Loss plans?
* And, Season specific vitamins and other supplements

Segment 1
Jacobus introduces the show and starts reading about orthomolecular medicine, therapy and cancer.

Segment 2
Jacobus continues taling about orthomolecular therapy, including reading from orthomed.org.

Segment 3
Jacobus and Chuck reminisce about Christmas past, as well as how they grew up.

Segment 4
Jacobus adds a little more about his discussion of orthomolecular therapy. Jacobus also talks about nutrition for cells, and the lack there of as a major cause of chronic diseases.

Segment 5
Jacobus takes an email about protein powders, primarily about protein needs, shakes and use for children during school.

Segment 6
Jacobus fields telephone calls and their respective questions.

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