On Air show from February 16, 2013.

Regular listeners of Gesundheit with Jacobus know that I enjoy many different health topics. However, one has grabbed my attention because of its purity and simplicity--and that is Gemmotherapy.

My guest, Dr. Anthony Speroni, is an expert on this natural science that uses the embryonic state of trees, shrubs, rootlets, sap, and seeds which contain nutrients usually absent in mature plants.

Gemmotherapy's many health benefits and therapeutic applications are something you want to hear straight from Dr. Speroni's mouth.

Segment 1
Jacobus introduces Dr. Speroni and they talk about what gemmotherapy is and how it works.

Segment 2
A caller asks for advice in dealing with headaches. Another caller asks about the use of gemmotherapy with testosterone, and Dr. Speroni talks about the use of oak, as it is for balancing testosterone in each gender.

Segment 3
A caller asks about restless legs. Dr. Speroni talks about the Rowan Tree and also the possibility of hypnosis. He also says not to just look at the symptom, but at the reason or cause behind it.

Segment 4
Jacobus reintroduces Dr. Speroni and his work. They also talk about oligotherapy, what it is and how it is used. Jacobus asks for an explanation about gemmotherapy and Dr. Speroni talks about how gemmo works on the cellular level.

Segment 5
The guest talks about an intestinal fluid scanner and its use. He also talks further about gemmotherapy and its uses in regards to the cells, along as why it works. Dr. Speroni also talks about how long to take gemmos.

Segment 6
A caller asks for the difference between free radicals and oxygen/ozone therapy. Dr. Speroni also mentions the common misconception that all natural therapies are healthy.