It's pretty much a given that Grandma and Grandpa and technology don't mix. So when they use a webcam for the first time, we can expect serious confusion, surprise, and hilarity to ensue. Luckily for us, that’s exactly what we have here! Check out the funniest reactions of grandparents using webcams.

This has got to be the most animated granddad ever. This whole webcam thing is making him go through the entire spectrum of emotions in just a few seconds -- he’s surprised, happy, confused, shocked, angry and then falls prey to the confusion of looking into a mirror. It happens to the best of us.

We're confused -- why is Grandpa trying to catch digital raindrops with his tongue? Shouldn't he be passed out in front of a Western with a Mickey's grenade in his hand? Apparently some grandpas (this one) would rather mess around with the digital effects on their webcam. Very puzzling.

You know when someone’s taking a picture of you but they mistakenly click the video button, and you’re left awkwardly smiling for way too long? Well that mistake is bound to happen 99% of the time when grandparents and webcams collide. This time, Rita is nagging her husband about whether or not he heard a clicking noise, and Frank is just casually holding a giant birthday cake. It's a brief glimpse into the dark side of the grandparent lifestyle.

After seeing Frank and Rita’s first set of shenanigans, we just had to follow up with the funny couple. This is the final product of another recording attempt, and we are happy to say it’s just as entertaining as their first shot at a webcam. Frank serenades Rita while holding yet another cake, only this time he adds in an adorably off-key rendition of ‘Happy Birthday.'

As you can see, grandparents have a knack for birthday greetings. Just like Frank and Rita, this senior couple is trying to figure out a webcam while sending along some well wishes. Now, Grandma seems to have the whole thing down pat, but Grandpa? He can’t help but make things 10 times funnier with his silly antics. Knocking on his head while cracking up and yelling ‘my teeth fall out sometimes!’ is just the beginning.

We’ve saved our very favorite webcam-using grandparents for last -- ’The Happy Huffmans.' Within the first few seconds of this video, you’ll completely understand why it’s our front-runner for most hilarious, charming and technologically-inept grandparents. Ever. First, there’s Bruce’s hysterical monkey impression while Esther pays no attention, and then there’s his adorable singing of ‘Hello My Darlin.' We're just glad they managed to actually figure it out so they could record it.

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