House Appropriations and the Senate Finance and Claims committees got a rundown of what Governor Bullocks' new budget looks like.This is what Governor Bullock expects:

In order to accomplish this, the Governor-Elect requests in the strongest possible terms that the Legislature follows his lead and use the following principles as it constructs a budget for his consideration:
1. The General Fund should have a minimum $300 million ending fund balance on June 30, 2015.
2. The General Fund budget should be structurally balanced.
3. Long-term liabilities and essential services should be addressed before creating new programs or tax expenditures.

Adopting Bullock's additional proposals include the $400 homeowner tax rebate as well as educational funding.

"In order to have the jobs that we want, we need to have the work force that we need," said Budget Director Dan Villa. "For the first time Governor Bullock is proposing to invest in early childhood education."

Other top budget goals for the administration include job creation, eliminating equipment taxes for small businesses and fixing public employee pensions.

Thursday morning Senator Scott Sales gave us a rundown on the budget and other goals for this term.

In the first segment we were joined by Senator and Senate President Jeff Essman

In segment 2 we were joined by Speaker of the House Mark Blasdel

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