I am a member of the Gallatin County DUI Taskforce. The reason I joined was personal.16 years ago Dan and Tracy Farias,  friends of ours, Dan was also a co-worker of mine at the radio station.

They were going home from a night of partying, headed to Gallatin Gateway, they crossed the line in front of Bozeman Hot Springs and hit a pickup head on.

They were both killed instantly. Too much alcohol and not buckled up. Their daughter Nicole and Tracy's sister were in the back seat and did survive. The driver of the pickup survived as well.

When you see the 2 white crosses on the curve by the Hot Springs, that is where it happened.

At the Mall today at 11am Stacy Wesen with Buckle up/Safe kids and I, will hold a press conference at our display by the "Bay" it is an "Empty Dinner Party" display.

When your shopping at the Mall, check it out and think of those who lost their lives to Drunk Driving and not being Buckled up.

Please be Smart and Safe this Holiday Season!