Not only do I have a lot of history with this store, but so does our wonderful station. So heartbreaking to see it go. 

I was casually walking around in the Gallatin Valley Mall today looking for a present for an upcoming birthday, and my heart broke when I noticed one store has closed up shop and is sadly no longer a part of our community. The store that has closed in the Gallatin Valley Mall is the iconic apparel store, Hot Topic

Hot Topic was around the corner from the food court in the Gallatin Valley Mall and was known for their band/artist apparel, anime apparel, and other fun pop culture items. Hot Topic has been a staple of the Gallatin Valley Mall ever since I have moved here and was always fun to go in and see all they had to sell. Hot Topic announced its closure on Instagram a week ago in a post. 

Credit: Bozeman's Hot Topic via Instagram

Back when I was in high school Hot Topic was the place I would go to get my favorite band shirts back in the day. I loved alternative rock and needed all the new Tool, Nine Inch Nails, and Pink Floyd shirts I could get. Hot Topic was the main store I would visit in any mall. 

Even in the past few years, our station has worked with Hot Topic when we've had big concerts come to Bozeman such as Twenty One Pilots and Bastille at the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse, and we even gave away tickets to Paramore when they played the Montana Fair in Billings. We would have that store packed with folks trying to win tickets and meet & greets for the concert. I will remember the night before Twenty One Pilots and Hot Topic was shoulder to shoulder with people trying to win tickets. That was such a blast. 

We will be forever grateful here at 96.7 KISS FM for always being a great part of the community and helping us bring joy to many folks. You will be missed by many, so long. 

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