Ok, THIS is the best! I used to roller skate every weekend growing up. It was the thing to do! You would have your parents drop you off at the end of the parking lot (if you had a pea soup green-colored car) and run in before anyone could see you, and then the fun began!

Photo by Andi Bocsardi on Unsplash
Photo by Andi Bocsardi on Unsplash

You can go back in time on Friday the 20th, and explore that inner flower child. I know many of the locals miss the old skating hot spot, so this is about as close to "going back in time" as we are going to get here in Bozeman. At least for the time being.

Roller skating has started to take off again and it makes my heart so incredibly excited! What a great way to hang out with friends, have a first date, or just feel the wind blow through your hair as you burn calories skating in circles for hours.

Photo Credit: Canva
Photo Credit: Canva

I think most of us "veteran skaters" can still hear the slow song playing in our head that we skated to with our crush.

Some things to keep in mind for this event:

The Following Tickets are available right now ONLY FOR THOSE THAT OWN SKATES!!
Kids Skate 5-7 pm (All kids must be accompanied by a parent/guardian)
All Levels Skate 5-7 pm
LESSONS 6-7 pm: $10 (basic skating going forward **without falling** required)
Adult Skate 18+ 7-9 pm: Trick contest, Costume Contest
A liability waiver MUST be signed by each skater that enters.
No outside Food or Drink allowed other than water.
Click below if you are needing to rent skates...there is a very limited amount. 

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