Halloween Shopping Begins In China
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All Hallows Eve, or Halloween as we have come to call it, is when all the scary ghosts and goblins come out for one fabulous fright night of trick or treat.

Here are a few tidbits you might know have known about the netherworld.

Friday Fun Facts About Halloween

  • Many people believe that Halloween was created in the US. But, according to The History Channel, the holiday actually came from Ireland's Celtic festival for the dead, "Samhain." The ending of the old giving way to the new. (Source)
  • Jack-0-Turnip? Since there were no pumpkins in Ireland there was no carving of pumpkins... So the next best thing was used — turnips. Not sure how a candle would smell in there. (Source)
  • In some areas Halloween was also known as Cabbage Night. It could come from a Scottish game where girls used cabbage stumps to determine their futures. Could a cabbage stump really give information about a future husband? Hope divorce lawyers don’t find out about that. (Source)
  • I’d go home broke if I had to dance for my candy but that was a tradition started by the poor beggers who used to go door-to-door and sing, dance, for money. It was only natural this earliest versions of trick-or-treating would turn to trick or treat. (Source)
  • Four blows to the abdomen by a college student eventually produced a ruptured appendix and led to Harry Houdini's death one of the most famous magicians of all time. (Source)
  • There is a fine line between trick or treating and vandalism. According to Live Science, tipping over outhouses, opening farmers' gates, and egging houses were not unheard of on Halloween. I can’t honestly confess to being involved any of these actions because of all the beer. (Source)
  • Com’on people it’s just candy corn. Love it or hate it — Womans Day reported that nearly 35 million pounds of candy corn of 17,500 tons are produced each year. (Source)
  • There’s a psychological term for everything. One of these terms is called “deindividuation.” It means that children in costume are more likely to steal money or take more candy and care less about the consequences of their actions than those without costumes. (Source)

Some Final Thoughts

So now you know all the fun facts about Halloween. Take this info and amaze your friends and neighbors with your vast knowledge.

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