Every now and then I come across some facts that just make me scratch my head in disbelief.

It’s amazing to me that people do things that often make no sense to any rational thinking person.

Here are some of my favorites.

Blood Pressure Raising Facts

  • Are you happy with the antics of NFL Players taking a knee or sitting down during the national anthem? What if I told you that $6.8 million of your hard-earned tax dollars was paid — by the military — to NFL franchises to honor the military with ads and promotions? (Source)
  • Who cares about the poor as long as there is a $5,185.69 pizza available? Next time you’re in London order the Pizza Royale 007 topped with expensive caviar, lobster and my favorite topping 24-carat gold dust. (Source)
  • A fire that’s been burning for 54 years and could burn for another 250? No it’s not a volcano or Yellowstone — it’s a coalmine fire in abandoned mines in Centralia, Pennsylvania. Pollution problem anyone? (Source)
  • Protect and serve? I don’t want to paint the good guys with a negative broad brush, but studies show that 1 person in every six people in the world has bribed a policeman at one time or another. (Source)
  • Probably a war crime today. Imagine you’re a Vietnam sniper and your target is a general. All you have to do is look a bunch of grass, crawl 2,000 meters across an open field (taking three days to do it) kill the general with a single shot then crawl back to safety. (Source)
  • Thankfully cooler heads prevailed. Billboards in space? How romantic. “Look honey, Charmin.” A company attempted to launch a billboard into earth orbit in 1993. It would be about the size of a full moon. Someone introduced a bill banning space advertising after the venture was cancelled. (Source)
  • Capitalism at it’s best. Coke invented a venting machine in 1999 that changed the price based on the temperature. The warmer it got the more your cold refreshing Coke would cost. (Source)
  • How to win a bet 80 percent of the time. First get a US Lincoln Memorial penny. When spun on a table it will land on tails 80 percent of the time. (Source)

Some Final Thoughts

Well maybe not all of these facts raise your blood pressure but I had to put some in to make you relax and chuckle a little in between.

What are some of your favorite blood pressure raising facts? Elections?

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