If we were to expand our universe and colonize another planet Venus might be a strong consideration.

It’s gravity is close to earth but we’d have to live in some kind of floating cites because of the hostile surface environment.

Here are a few facts that might make a future home on Venus more inviting.

Fun Facts About Venus

  • You might live longer on Venus a day is longer than their year.
  • Venus is often referred to as Earth’s twin. It’s composition; size and orbit are very similar.
  • If floating cities appeal to you then Venus might be a good choice. You wouldn’t need a pressurized suit, gravity is about the same as earth and the commute time between the planets would be shorter than going to Mars.
  • Why floating cities you ask? Well one reason is it snows metal on Venus. Skiing with sparks flying up behind you?
  • Venus is a very active planet with over 1,600 volcanoes.
  • Temperature on Venus can reach 870 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Talk about your jet stream. Winds in the middle cloud layer on Venus can reach speeds of 450 mph.
  • Venus, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune all have gravities within 15 percent of earth.
  • Venus is one of five planets we can see from earth with the naked eye. The others are Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.
  • Venus has a very dense atmosphere that would make your vocal cords vibrate slower making your voice much lower.
  • The Soviet Union was the first country to land a spacecraft on another planet and send info back to earth. They landed a spacecraft on Venus in 1970.

Some Final Thoughts

In Greek mythology Venus is the goddess of Love. Not sure I would love living with 800-degree temperatures and 450 mph winds.

That’s a wind chill that sounds a little dangerous.

No wonder it snows metal there.

Does a cloud city apartment sound like something you’d like to see in your future? How far to the Walmart I wonder?

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