NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 12: One World Trade Center towers over lower Manhattan on November 12, 2013 in New York City. The building was deemed the tallest building in North America today; the title was previously held by Willis Tower in Chicago (previously titled Sears Tower). (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

It’s nice to live in the UNITED States of America where each state has some interesting facts and history you might not be aware of.

Here are a few interesting facts and history of some of our state capitals.

Fun Facts About States and Their Capitals

  • Which state has the longest coastline, longer that all other coastline states combined? That would be Alaska with 6,640 miles of coastline.
  • One World Trade Center in New York City is now the tallest building in the US at 1,776 feet moving the Sears Tower to second place.
  • When and where was the first American cookbook published? “American Cookery” by Amelia Simmons in Hartford, Connecticut in 1796.
  • Need a very short and very steep railroad? Head to Dubuque, Iowa for the 296 foot railroad with a 60° incline. Sounds like we need the “Little Engine That Could.”
  • Ever drive down Main Street on Saturday Night? It might take all night to drive down the nation’s longest main street. Island Park, Idaho’s main street is 33 miles long.
  • Umbrellas had to come from someplace. Baltimore, Maryland, home of the first umbrella factory that opened 1928.
  • You’ll find a 3.8 billion year old rock in Minnesota River valley Minnesota. Yes, it’s the oldest known rock in the world.
  • Weather control? Concord, New Hampshire has been doing that since 1947 when they created artificial rain to fight a forest fire.
  • Roanoke Island was the birthplace of Virginia Dare, the first English child born in America in 1587.
  • In Utah you’ll find the largest natural stone bridge in the world. Hope you are not afraid of heights because it’s 290 feet high along with being 275 feet across.
  • If you’ve lost all your marbles then head to Parkersburg, West Virginia where most of the marbles in the US are made.
  • The typewriter, a computer with no electricity, was invented in Milwaukee, Wisconsin  in 1867.
  • Imagine a granite boulder covering 27 acres with 5,000 pioneer names carved on it. Check out the “Register of the Desert” in Wyoming.
  • Coke is the most recognize brand in the world. It was first bottled in Vicksburg, Mississippi in 1894. I wish I’d bought stock.
  • In 1912, Juliette Gordon Low founded the Girl Scouts in Savannah, Georgia.

Some Final Thoughts

America is an amazing place. Every state has some history or the start of something big. It’s the magic of America. Things happen. Places happen. People happen.

Living in America is winning life’s lottery.