It's Christmas morning. The presents displayed proudly under the tree. Everyone is two to ten pounds heavier than they were on Christmas Eve.

So I thought as Christmas slowly sets in the west for another year there might be a fact or two you didn’t know about this yearly celebration.

Fun Facts About Christmas

  • It took awhile to make Christmas a Federal Holiday. Christmas was illegal in the US until 1836 because it was considered an Ancient Pagan Holiday. No presents for you.
  • If you are writing to Santa, Canada has given him his own postal code to speed up delivery. Write to Santa Claus, “HOH OHO” North Pole, Canada.
  • Love may not be in the air around Christmas. According to Facebook data the weeks before Christmas is the most popular time for couples to split up.
  • You might want to buy Lego stock. During Christmas almost 28 Lego sets are sold every second.
  • We should follow the Norwegians. They pay half tax in November so they have more money for Christmas.
  • Christmas ham, originally a pagan tradition, was endorsed by the Catholic Church as a test of truthful conversion from Judaism. Pass the Matzah Balls.
  • About 200 Christmas trees catch fire each year in the US. “Eddie, don’t let the dog drink the tree water.”
  • A finger lickin’ good Christmas? In Japan KFC is the typical feast on Christmas Eve. Yummy.
  • Christmas, Easter, Good Friday and ANZAC Day ads are banned in New Zealand. Not sure that would fly here.
  • Merry Christmas was changed to “Happy Christmas” in the 19th century British vocabulary because if you were “merry” chances are you were falling down drunk.

Some Final Thoughts

Like most holidays, Christmas has seen many changes and traditions over the past 2000 plus years. And I’m sure there will be more as time goes by.

The one unchanging theme is joy to the world. Let’s hope they keep that one. And don’t forget to check the water in your tree holder.

What are some of your fun Christmas Facts? Comments below.

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