(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)
(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Once more the city of Bozeman is inundated with students from all over Montana and many other states. In just four or five short years they just might learn to drive on snow covered roads.

Be aware of any uncontrolled intersections for the next few weeks as the new students find their way around our fair city.

Until then here are some fun facts that you’ve been dying to know about back to school.

Fun Facts About Back to School

  • Remember how great it was being off school in the summer? Not so much for German students who only get six weeks off. In Ethiopia, depending on the school, vacation could be 12 to 15 weeks.
  • Before the school calendar was standardized across the country students in rural areas attended classes from December to March and from May to August so they could help with the spring planting and fall harvest.
  • Urban areas began the practice of giving students summers off because they were afraid of disease in hot, crowed, classrooms.
  • The Danish started the “giving and apple to a teacher” back in the 16th century. For many farmers paying the teacher with apples was one way to supplement the teacher’s meager salary and pay for the child’s schooling.
  • Back to School spending brings in about $7 billion a year plus another $2.4 in books and you are ready to pursue the sheepskin.
  • Blue is the most popular crayon color, and the most recognizable scent, according to a Yale University study. Tan, tumbleweed and spring green being voted the worst crayon colors.
  • By the age of 10 it’s estimated that a child will have worn 730 crayons down to the nub. They will have put in a very hard 28 minutes a day trying to stay within the lines.
  • Twenty-five million students get a ride to class each day on 480,000 of those bright yellow buses.
  • City Montessori School in Lucknow, India boasts the largest school population with an enrollment of 32,000 students. More than many universities and towns in America. The Ghandi family started the school in 1959.
  • Did you kid throw a fit on the first day of school? Then he or she might be suffering from “Didaskaleinophobia” — the fear of going to school. 2.4 percent are considered to be afflicted nationally.

Some Final Thoughts

Pencils used to use lead but children chewing on them caused lead poisoning. Today’s pencils are made with clay and graphite. They can write upside down, in water and zero gravity.

The average pencil can write approximately 45,000 word or draw a line about 36 miles long.

Welcome back students. Go downtown and spend some of your parents hard earned money.

What’s your favorite back to school memory? Comments below.

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