When it comes right down to it atomic bombs are no fun. Especially when one is dropped on you as two Japanese cities discovered.

But there are some amazing facts that go along with the first, real, man made weapon of mass destruction. Here are a few for you to think about.

Fun Facts About Atomic Bombs

  • You might expect Japan to glow in the dark for 57 years after two atomic blasts. But they are not because the bombs were detonated in the air not on the ground.
  • Lucky to survive one atomic bomb? But two — a Japanese man did survive both Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He’s rethinking his travel agency.
  • A Hiroshima survivor won the Boston Marathon in 1951. No pressure cookers at that one.
  • Fat Man was the codename for the Nagasaki bomb and Little Boy was the Hiroshima bomb.
  • The citizens of Kokura, Japan are happy that the bomb intended for them ended up in Nagasaki instead.
  • Another survivor of the Hiroshima attack was a Bonsai tree planted in 1626. It’s current home is a US Museum.
  • When it rains it pours. First the bombing of Hiroshima than a month later a typhoon kills an additional 2,000 citizens.
  • We sign a nuclear proliferation treaty and dismantle our bombs. What’s a good use for dismantled atomic bombs? Why using them to produce 10 per cent of US electricity.
  • The atomic bombs were good but we can always improve. In 1962 a hydrogen bomb, 100 times more powerful than Hiroshima, was detonated in space.
  • Visitors to Las Vegas in the 50s loved to take in atomic bomb tests — a major tourist attraction.
  • In an effort to heat up the cold war the US considered dropping an atomic bomb on the moon — just to show off how bad we were.
  • Big things come in small packages. Matter weighing about the same as a paper clip generated the power of the Hiroshima bomb.
  • Russia leads the league in atomic weaponry with over 8,400 nuclear weapons.
  • There is a museum on the site of the first atomic bomb testing site in New Mexico. Due to radiation it’s only open 12 hours per year.

Some Final Thoughts

If you think highly of someone you might say, “You’re the bomb.” It’s doubtful that any civilized country will ever use nuclear weapons again because to that pesky Geneva Convention thing about killing innocent citizens.

Those who didn’t sign on I guess are on their own.

Bombs away.

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