I never realized there were two four-o’clocks until I started filling in for Chris Griffin on the KMMS Morning Show.

Getting up is not too much of a problem for me but going to bed about three or four hours earlier than normal does make falling asleep a challenge.

Just to make sure I get up on time I have a kitchen timer, radio alarm clock, a battery operated clock with alarm, and the alarm on my cell phone.

The only way I’ll be late is if Yellowstone blows.

This week I got to wondering about alarm clocks and found a few interesting facts about these early morning torture devices.

Fun Facts About Alarm Clocks

  • You have Levi Hutchins of New Hampshire of all places to thank for inventing the first alarm clock back in 1787.
  • Because farmers were the big customers it would only ring at 4AM. Programming would take a little longer. Sort of like texting and Alexander Graham Bell.
  • Unfortunately for Levi, his wife murdered him one cold New England morning. The time — 4:05 AM according to reports. You can’t make this stuff up.
  • As a kid you might have made a potato battery for a science fair. But lemons can also power alarm clocks. So don’t worry if you run out of batteries. Just keep plenty of fruits and veggies on hand.
  • The Christian Alarm Clock will make sure you are up in time for church each Sunday. No word on any setting for other religions.
  • How about a Christmas gift for the man who has everything. A stripper pole alarm clock. Complete with exotic music, flashing lights and a girl spinning on a pole. The perfect item to get you up in the morning. I mean awake.
  • Psychologists swear by alarm clocks that gradually makes the room lighter like the sun coming up to wake you more naturally as nature intended.
  • The French word “Cloche” is the root word for clock and means bell.

Some Final Thoughts

Being retired there is a lot of dust on my snooze alarm. Don’t have to use it much anymore.

But for those that do just keep in mind that the more you work and save the sooner you can give up that irritating alarm clock for some additional shuteye.

Anyone out there have an unusual alarm clock or method for rising on time? Why not share it with the group?

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