On February 3rd of this year I wrote a blog entitled, Free Speech Died at UC Berkley. The University asked Breitbart editor and conservative provocateur, Milo Yiannopoulos to speak to students at the university.

Demonstrators immediately evoked the Heckler’s Veto — violent demonstrations designed to create an unsafe environment for those who came to hear the speech.

Fast Forward To Today

Now it seems you no longer need to even bother with a demonstration. In today’s snowflake, cupcake world all you need is the threat of violence to silence any speech you don’t agree with.

Normally speech that is objectionable is any speech coming from an alt-right, fascist, xenophobic, racist, radical, Trump supporter — otherwise known as conservatives.

Ann Coulter was asked to speak at the university as well. As soon as that was announced all the wheels came off the liberal wagons.

Every possible demand to discourage Coulter was tried but she agreed to every single one of them.

Eventually they had to confess that they could not guarantee her security while on campus giving her speech.

We are talking about a speech right? She’s not planning on shooting anyone while on campus is she?

She was just going to share a few thoughts with some students as their invited guests. So why all the consternation? What possible harm could expressing a few thoughts do?

I guess if you’re on the wrong side of those thoughts then the harm is irreparable.

And as we all know the only proven way to silence someone is by breaking windows and setting things on fire. Screaming unintelligent slogans also helps. Masks are a nice optional touch.

Some Final Thoughts

Too many speeches shut down by demonstrators to count. How many more lives does free speech have before it dies completely?

I know the Internet is bursting at the seams with information. I just have a hard time finding any instance where a liberal speaker was shouted down or property destroyed because any liberal speaker showed up.

If you have such a story from a legitimate source I would love to read it.

Comments below.


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