Not everyone can rap as fast as Busta Rhymes – but this talented kid can. It’s a skill this tyke has figured out at the tender age of four. Check out his promising debut video that’s gone viral, where he lays down some slick verses that have absolutely no meaning. (Pretty much like modern day music, really.)

As funny as it sounds, any musician can tell you that his keyboards skills, nascent understanding of BPM (beats per minute) and the ability to replicate a style of music are all signs this kid is destined for greatness. Electronic music wunderkind Skrillex himself shared this video on Facebook, so the kid’s already got a pro’s sign of approval.

We’re sure once he’s done with kindergarten, the kid will be able to write some sick lyrics. Until then, if you want to know what the kid might have said, a YouTube user has provided a subtitled version of his jam. Check it out below.

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