Montana Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Rick Hill lost his bid to be governor back in 2012, but he was threatened of losing a lot more, right up until this morning, May 18, when Montana Political Practices Commissioner Jonathan Motl dismissed a campaign finance lawsuit against Hill. Hill’s attorney Matthew Monforton says his client is relieved.

"Rick accepted a half million contribution from the Montana Republican Party, it was legal when he accepted it, but unfortunately the Bullock campaign filed a frivolous complaint with the Commissioner of Political Practices back in 2012 and, unfortunately Rick has lived under that threat, under this guillotine of a million and a half dollar penalty from that time up till today," Monforton said.

To Monforton, the reason Motl finally dismissed the lawsuit is absolutely clear.

"The reason why commissioner Motl released this decision today, is because yesterday, he was spanked and spanked hard by a U.S. District Court Judge who said Motl had no case against Rick Hill, and that it was entirely inappropriate for Commissioner Motl to keep this threat on Hill as long as he did."

Monforton went on to accuse Motl of selective prosecution and “going after conservatives simply because of conservative speech,” he also hinted at a possible lawsuit saying that he has been in discussions with other Montana candidates who are “considering taking Mr. Motl to task for his illegalities.”

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