The goal is to beat liberal Republican Senator Jon Tester. With that in mind, Republican nominee Matt Rosendale was happy to have his former challengers pledge their support.

“I heard from all of them on election night and I was honored to have their support and assistance going into the general election,” said Matt Rosendale. “We are all united and committed to working together so we finally defeat Jon Tester in the fall.”

Russ Fagg: “The voters have spoken and now is the time as Republicans to unite behind our nominee, Matt Rosendale. It is imperative that we defeat Jon Tester and send President Trump another ally from Montana.”


Troy Downing: “Jon Tester must be defeated. He continually blocks President Trump and his efforts to make America great – Tester has voted against lower taxes, for the “rights” of those here illegally, and in 12 years in office, has presided over one of the worst cases of governmental incompetence – the VA. Divided we fail, together we succeed. We must all come together and help Matt Rosendale defeat Tester. The voters have spoken, and I am 100% behind our party’s nominee.”


Dr. Al Olszewski: “Now is the time for all Montanans to come together and pledge our time, talents and treasure to elect Matt Rosendale our next U.S. Senator. I am excited to endorse Matt Rosendale. I urge all my supporters to join me in becoming part of the Rosendale campaign to Repeal and Replace Tester!”

But Republican nominee Matt Rosendale wants everyone to know it's going to be a hard fight, he needs and wants all the support the Montana people can give him.


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