With all the new and returning students coming back to Bozeman, we thought we would help a little. 

Montana State University is gearing up for the influx of students coming back to Bozeman this weekend. Students will be moving into dorms, apartments, and houses close to campus. When they are finally settled in, these bright-eyed young adults will need to know where to go to grab a bite to eat. 

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So we thought we would help with all the best places to grab food close to the Montana State campus, since we know not everyone has a car. 


  • Storm Castle Cafe-If you're parents are in town, and you want a fantastic sit-down breakfast, Stormcastle Cafe is the place. Their biscuits & lotion are clutch but make sure you get there early, or you might be waiting a while for a table. 
  • Granny's Donuts- The iconic place to get donuts in the Bozeman area is right next to campus and are a perfect treat to get you going in the morning. 
  • Freshie's Cafe-This food spot located on Kagy Boulevard is a cute little coffeehouse and eatery close to campus. Perfect place to get some homework done while sipping on some caffeine. 
Punk Rock Burger Shop via Facebook
Punk Rock Burger Shop via Facebook

Lunch and Dinner

  • University Burger-Described as a punk rock burger shop, University Burger has one of the best menus for burgers in the Bozeman area. The burgers are smash patties, and the combinations will make your mouth water. 
  • Paulie's-This little bodega has wraps, sandwiches, hot dogs, and more to satisfy your hunger. Plus, Paulie's tends to stay open later than most restaurants in the area if you get the late-night munchies. 
  • Columbo's Pizza and Pasta-a Montana State staple, Columbo's is a great lunch spot if you want to grab a quick slice for lunch. If you aren't in the mood for pizza, the menu also showcases pasta and sandwiches. 
  • Spectator's Bar & Grill-This sports bar is a place to watch games, hang out with friends, and eat tasty food. The only bar close to campus, Spectator's can get wild on gameday. 
  • Bridger Brewing-If you aren't old enough to drink, don't worry! Bridger Brewing has pizza slices to go, including the iconic Bison Pepperoni. Highly recommend. 
  • Taco Montes—Originally known as the iconic late-night campus dine, their hours shifted throughout COVID, but they seem to be back on track for late Saturday nights. With incredible tacos and nachos and a fun, laid-back atmosphere, dinner here is a college bucket-list item.
  • Pickle Barrel—A Bozeman institution, Pickle Barrel has been around since 1974. If you want a quick, delicious, massive sandwich, this is your place.

Everyone here at KISS FM wants to welcome all new and returning students to Bozeman, and we hope this guide helps satisfy the hunger you will have after unpacking all your clothes. Enjoy!

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