(Photo by David De Lossy • Source: ThinkStock)
(Photo by David De Lossy • Source: ThinkStock)

Road Rage Takes to The Skies 

Three recent flights have been diverted to other airports because passengers got into physical fights over reclining seats. A passenger using a “knee defender,” a device that prevents the seat in front of you from reclining, caused one fight diversion.

Guess what else? Punching a sleeping passenger will get you kicked off a Qantas flight as the puncher recently discovered. It also seems that you are not allowed to beat up United Airlines employees if they ask to see your baggage-claim ticket.

Have you been on a plane lately? You know there’s a problem when the first information you get is, “You should be at the airport two hours before your departure.” TWO HOURS? Why?

Online Efficiency

I travel a lot so before I fly I always go on line and buy my ticket and print my boarding passes. Even with that time saver I still have to check bags, translation — wait in a line of people who did not print their tickets and boarding passes.

Security Inefficiency

Take off your jacket, take off your shoes, take off your belt, put your laptop in a tray, your shoes in a tray, all metal objects in a tray, and if there is anything left it goes in a tray. There has got to be big bucks selling trays to airports.

Got a bottle of water, it ain’t goin’ with you. If it’s over 4 ounces it stays behind. There is of course a real danger of your water bottle exploding on the plane don’t ya know. I guess studies show that less than four ounces of explosives in your underwear or shoes is not enough to worry about. Five ounces or more we have a real problem.

Some Final Thoughts

Today there is no such thing as “flying the friendly skies.” Flying has become so much of a hassle that it’s no wonder that some people lose it when the frustration becomes too much.

It’s less of a hassle to visit someone in prison than it is to get on a plane in the United States. And once you get on the plane almost everything has a price tag. Anything other than a soft drink and stale cookies are going to cost you. A pillow, a blanket, a meal are priced at a level only those with expense accounts can take advantage of.

Before taking your next flight you might want to consider having your doctor prescribe some coma inducing drugs to assist you in getting to your destination without a physical altercation with some one who just got the last straw.

Just remember, the friendly skies might not be as friendly as they once were.


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