Reports from the Park County Commissioner, Randy Taylor, told that the fire near Livingston made its way to Old Clyde Park Road where the firefighters were able to hold the blaze. Around 30 homes were evacuated in the area.


1500-2000 acres burned; 30 homes given evacuation notice; Residents only allowed back on Old Clyde Park Road and Willow Creek Road south of rural address #201.

Those in need of evacuation can find shelter at the Livingston Civic Center at 229 River Drive.

Thanks to the great response from the Park County Firefighters, the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, and the U.S. Forest Service the flames were visibly put out by this morning and further monitoring will be conducted throughout the day.

The fire was caused by lightning and high winds from the storm that passed through Tuesday evening.

As a reminder, all open flames, fireworks and campfires are banned within Park County. You are responsible for any fire you start including the cost of suppression that can easily be tens of thousands of dollars

We would like to say thanks to all who fought the fire and we are proud to hear of the great response!