A personal opinion...

Moving to Montana, I started to notice something: not a lot of fat people, and even the people who are fat here, hike and ski. I am so glad I lost over 100 pounds before moving here. Everyone is healthy looking here.

I thought because of the weather, it's cold and snowy, there would be more fat people. It's so cold that people might stay in their homes more and not go out. When I sit home I eat a lot more. But that doesn't seem to be true in Montana.

When I meet someone who is very fat, I feel so sorry for them. Growing up a fat kid is hard. I have learned some people are fat because of pain. When you have no friends and no other kids want to hang out with you... eating takes away the pain. Food is like a drug to some people. While people I grew up with in Hollywood took drugs to escape, I ate.

Maybe if I grew up in Montana and not New York City, I would not have been fat. When I was sad, maybe I would have gone out on a hike or built a snowman or taken up skiing...maybe not.

In my mind, overweight people are not happy, so maybe the reason for less fat people here is they are happier. The cure for fatness is happiness.

As an actor, I spoke to the casting director who did Star Trek. He told me I wouldn't get on the show, at least as a human. The crews of the USS Enterprise, The USS Voyager and Deep Space Nine are not fat.

Why, I asked?

Because in the future fatness will be cured.

The casting director was right. If you ask a fat person would he or she chose to lose all the weight and be fit if they could, the answer would be "yes."

I am not fat anymore, but I still think I am. After being fat for most of my life, I still think as a fat guy. It's hard for me to accept how great looking I am now.


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