Today on Dominick In The Morning I reported on the nightly Bozmen Police report from the Bozeman Chronicle. It read:

"Residents of a house near the university’s campus reported that someone went into their unlocked home, rearranged all their furniture and took a couch off their porch and placed it across the street."

There has to be more to this story. There is something they are not telling us or the police. Did the residents have a fight with a decorator?

Does the furniture arrangement make the place look better? Are they going to keep it? If they moved the couch across the street, maybe the burglar was trying to make a point. It must be one ugly couch. It would take more then one person to move a couch across the street. Could this be an inside job?

Have any of the neighbors complained about the ugly couch being placed across the street? Has this happened to other houses in the area and were they afraid to speak up because they didn't want everyone to know they have bad taste?

If they catch the decorator who did this, will they press charges or thank the burglar for a great makeover?


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