Investigators in Butte-Silver Bow County, Missoula County, and the city of Missoula are attempting to track down the source of a credit card theft racket.

"In September of last year there were several credit cards stolen," Pavalone said. "There were two suspects, they were described as Hispanic males. One was between the ages of 30 and 35 and the second male, at that time, was between 25 and 30 years old. These two suspect males took these credit cards and charged about $11,000 worth of merchandise on them here in Missoula."

It appears that the cards may have been taken while victims were working out at the Peak Health & Wellness Center, but it is still unknown exactly how the cards are being stolen. The Peak is working with authorities to track down a suspect.

Last week, May 5, police for the city of Missoula followed up on another credit card theft. This time two suspects with the same description as the September incident were seen along with a female using the credit cards to buy over $20,000 worth of goods.

"There seems like there's a linkage between the two cases as if they're running some kind of circuit. They're starting to spend the money here in Missoula and then two hours later there are purchases that come up on the credit cards in Butte with similar purchases of electronics like iPods, laptops, and things like that, and then the credit cards are canceled."

Public Information Officer Paige Pavalone

Pavalone advises those working out in public facilities to lock up their valuables. Anyone with information about these thefts is advised to call Five Valleys Crimestoppers at 721-4444.

  • One male, Hispanic, dark hair, brown eyes, athletic build, short box beard with mustache – younger, perhaps 20s
  • One male, Hispanic with lighter hair and eyes, approximately 5’7” with a stocky build – older, perhaps 40s
  • One female, Hispanic, long straight black hair, approximately 5’2” -5’3” tall with brown eyes – older, attractive, perhaps 40s
Suspect #3
Photo courtesy of Five Valley Crimestoppers
Photo courtesy of Five Valley Crimestoppers
Photo courtesy of Five Valley Crimestoppers
suspect vehicle
Photo courtesy of Five Valleys Crimestoppers

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