But you already knew that didn’t you? We go to the polls expecting change and nothing really changes.

A few newbies here and there who must toe the party line or any real change they want to effect will never surface from a smoke filled committee room.

You have to pay your dues.

The old guard runs the show. Vote with the party or your campaign coffers will be your own personal bank account.

Money and power rule politics.

How Have We Come So Far But Know So Little?

America’s a pretty amazing place. As my Saturday co-host Shane Montalban always likes to say, “Canada and the United States are the two best country clubs in the world.”

I would agree with Shane — but is our club getting better — or worse?

Our founders had a vision for a land where every person could rise to their full potential — without the interference of government.

But as we’ve all seen, the five greatest inventions in the history of man, Electricity, Automobile, Flight, Telephone, Radio and Television — all regulated by the United States government.

Not exactly the freedom the founding fathers were expecting I’ll bet. How does it feel to be unable to self-regulate your life?

When Did We Stop Thinking For Ourselves?

Right now there’s a tax bill before Congress. Has anyone actually read the bill other than those who wrote it?

None of us will bother reading a multi-hundred page bill. Who has that kind of time?

The bill only details how much of our hard earned money the government will forcibly take from us. It’s time for an alternate plan.

Instead, we’ll turn to social media to learn from others what to think and to assemble our party line talking points.

Then we can regurgitate confirming views to all others who think as we do and feel good about ourselves that we’re involved in the government process.

While in reality we’re slowing that government process to a snails pace due to our failure to accept compromise.

What a crock. And I don’t mean the shoes.

Some Final Thoughts

We’re one-issue voters. We’re personality stalkers. We’re pigeon holed followers. Sons vote like Dads. Even though no party or candidate is ideal in every way.

As long as the correct letter follows the name issues are kicked to the curb. I don’t want to hear my guy or gal is a liar, crook, corrupt, or of low moral character.

The other candidate is not in my group so your argument is moot.

No wonder elections have become meaningless. The way people vote is meaningless.

I have a new campaign slogan that works for all candidates in all parties. “Vote for me — you’ll feel good about yourself.”

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