You’ll need no more evidence than the videos below to prove that the world is full of people who can’t drive. We’ve gathered 10 examples of cars crashing into stores, homes and even a swimming pool. Convenience stores and gas stations, in particular, seem to bear the brunt of bad drivers. So, definitely keep your eyes peeled next time you pick up a slushie or top off your tank. (Note: Some footage may be too intense for some viewers.)

Elderly Woman Drives Into Swimming Pool

Bad Driver Crashes into Convenience Store

86-Year-Old Driver Plows Through Bike Shop

Tipsy Driver Misses Parking Space, Hits Store

High-Speed Chase Ends in Sleeping Man’s Bedroom

Woman With Sweet Tooth Crashes into Bakery

Oregon Police Officer Crashes into Home

Driver Falls Asleep at the Wheel, Destroys Convenience Store

Car Smashes into Springfield Music Store

Stephanie Drives Uncle Joey’s Car into the Kitchen on ‘Full House’

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