The law in Montana is 'drive on the right, pass on the left', according to Captain Jim Kitchin with the Montana Highway Patrol.

KGVO News reached out to Captain Kitchin after a discussion on the Talk Back radio show on Friday, sparked by the fatal crash that took the lives of three people over the holiday weekend, identified as 73 year-old Eddie Parks of Victor, along with 72 year-old Ron Chaney and his 71 year-old wife Laurene.

"The best way to stay safe is to drive defensively," Captain Kitchin said. "That accident, it was a crash, we were all in shock when we got to the scene, Everybody was buckled in and it was just a bad circumstance that happened. They crashed because one of the vehicles crossed the center line into the oncoming lanes. That's all we have so far as far as other contributing factors, we have none at this time."

Kitchin said those driving on the right will have a precious few more seconds to react that might keep such an accident from occurring again.

"You should always be driving in the right hand lane, unless you're going to pass," he said. "Whether you're on the interstate or on Highway 93. I drive that way personally, because if something like that were to happen, you know, you're only about four feet from an oncoming vehicle on that highway (Highway 93 South), at 70 miles an hour. If you're in the right hand lane, you have more of an opportunity to maybe react to somebody who crosses the center line, more avenues to maybe get away from that accident. So, I recommend that everybody drive in that right hand lane unless you're passing, that's the law, you're supposed to drive to the right when possible."

Kitchin said extra Highway Patrol troopers are on the road looking for impaired drivers.

"Slow down, watch out for the weather, don't drink and drive, that's the best advice I can give you," said Kitchin.

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