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If you’ve lived in Montana for a few years there’s a good chance you saw snow falling in every month of the year.

That’s one of Montana’s great charms — it’s weather.

If you’re not happy with the weather wait five minutes and you’ll probably experience something even worse.

We have hundred-degree weather and we have way below zero weather. But not many people in Montana complain very loudly about the weather.

If you didn’t do your research before moving here then I can’t help you. If you were born here then the weather is not much of a surprise. You’re used to it.

Why Do We Live In Dangerous Places?

The cold in Montana can kill you in a short amount of time. Frostbite to exposed skin can occur in less than 30 minutes of exposure to subzero temperatures.

Today there was a gentleman sitting at the Walmart exit in 17-degree temperatures with his cardboard sign.

My first thought was shouldn’t you have headed south in August? But then I thought maybe he was doing just fine in August — and everything fell apart in November.

At least when I was homeless I was smart enough to do it in San Diego, California.

Yes, I’m A Winter Guy

I admit it. I’m one of the weirdos that prefer winter to summer. I like the snow because that means I don’t have to mow, string trim or fertilize my lawn.

Or water it.

Believe it or not some people actually move here for the skiing and snowboarding. Summer must be tough for them.

Thankfully summers here are fairly short for those hardy folk .

Some Final Thoughts

Give me some shoes with the non-skid tread and a nice warm coat and I’m set for anything Montana decides to throw at me.

Twenty below zero? Bring it on. Only wimps would complain about that temperature.

Everyone shows up at work to relate how much snow they got or how cold it was in their little corner of the world.

No one talks about how hot it was at his or her place. Obviously cold and snow is more of a challenge.

Do the schools close here for snow or cold? Not in the 23 years I’ve lived here they haven’t.

Or, if they have, it would be a very rare occurrence.

Climate change be damned. It’s still warm some days in summer and cold all days in winter. Otherwise it wouldn’t be The Last Best Place on Earth.

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