Senator Steve Daines and Congressmen Greg Gianforte are asking the Washington State legislature to reject legislation that would tax fuel produced at the Colstrip Power Plant and raise energy costs for Montanans.The law would also kill good-paying jobs in our state.

“Any increase in prices due to taxes imposed by this bill could have detrimental effects on Montana families. They should not have to suffer again because of the actions of a government body nearly one thousand miles away, in a legislature in which they have no voice. This bill will only end up hurting Montana families. We respectfully ask the committee to take into consideration the harmful impacts of this bill on communities outside their own during the upcoming hearing, and further ask that the committee reject the bill if it comes up for consideration,” wrote the Members.

Daines, Gianforte say the bill imposes a 12 dollar per metric ton of Montana energy on the generation or import of electricity for consumption in Washington State beginning July 1, 2019. This would increase the rate to $30 per metric ton of Montana energy, among other changes.



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