The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office has received numerous calls of a scam involving an email message on the victim’s computers. The scam email states they have hacked your email account and are viewing and tracking the sites you are visiting. The scammer intimates that the sites you are accessing are pornography related. The scammer states that they will release this information to your contact list if you do not pay them a monetary amount in “bitcoins.”

These scammers are aggressive, convincing and persistent. This is a scam. Your computer has not been hacked. Stating that you have been hacked is a ploy for them to get your money. Do not respond and delete the email.


The IRS scam is also circulating. The caller states that you are delinquent in your taxes and warrant will be issued for you if you do not call them back at a number they provide. Upon calling the number, you are directed to purchase green dot cards or other gift cards as payment. Do not send any cards or money.

The Grandparent scam is also making its way around the county. The caller indicates they are your grandchild and they are in jail and need money for bail. You are directed to a “Financial” person who gives you instructions on the bail amount and how it is to be paid. Again, this is a scam. If you have any doubt that it may be your grandchild or a relative, verify with them or their parents.  Do not send any money or gift cards of any kind.

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